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My motto is to bring everything that I have in the company in order to build up something amazing together.

About me

Hello there ! This website is currently under construction, so some things are still missing for now. If you see some errors, please report them to me through the contact form :)
2020/01/24 - aubriot.ovh is back online after less than a week of service disruption. Apologies for the delay !

Let's start by the beginning...

-> Who am I ?

My name is Aubriot Vincent, huge fan of Japan, computer science, and sometimes some other things !

-> What is the purpose of this website ?

This site is mainly used as a resume, for example, you will find various categories such as Education, My work experience, My skills,...

-> How to join me ?

Please use the form available in "Contact me", this is the easiest way to ask me a question or reach me at anytime.

-> Do I have a Driving License ?

Yes, I have the French Driving License since may 2016. Unfortunately, I don't have any international Driving License for now. I also have my own car, but most of the time, I like to ride trains.

-> Other things about me

My main hobbies are skiing and sailing. Sometimes, I do act in theater pieces, I draw a little, and in general, I really like the Japanese culture and Japan in globality. I am also a volunteer in an audiovisual association since 2015 : I develop the websites for some events organized by the association and the website of this organization, I help organizing events and I give a hand on recordings realized by the association.

-> Your question here ?

If you have some questions that are not on this list, please ask them to me with the contact form, I will anwser them as soon as possible !


My diplomas

Year School Diploma
2022 University of Grenoble-Alpes - Grenoble - France Master of Science in Informatics at Grenoble (MoSIG) (Starting 2020/09)
2020 University of Grenoble-Alpes - Grenoble - France Bachelor Degree in Computer Science
2019 Kyoto University - Kyoto - Japan DUETI (University diploma for studies in a foreign country after a HND) - Achieved the KUNIEP program.
2018 University of Grenoble-Alpes - Grenoble - France Higher National Diploma in Computer Science (known as DUT Informatique)
2016 High school "Pierre Termier" - Grenoble - France Technological baccalaureate in Industry and Sustainable Development with highest honours

My skills

My technical skills

  • Programming languages : C
  • Object-oriented languages : C++, Java
  • Web programming : HTML5 / CSS3, PHP, Javascript
  • Framework mastering : Laravel, CSS Twitter Bootstrap, Google Cast SDK (chromecast)
  • Frequent utilisation of the Postgres and MySQL DBMS
  • Project management (websites, applications, ...)
  • Software development process (Code versionning, javadoc, Entity-relationship model, object modelisation)

My general skills

  • Audiovisual editing and broadcasting : Photoshop, After Effects, Première Pro, Xsplit, OBS


  • French : Native
  • English : Fluent, business and academical english
  • Japanese : Beginner (since 2016)

Work experience

Webmaster in a Company Program - 2012 - 2013

Pontcharra (38) - France

Creation and maintenance of an institutionnal website and of an internal document-sharing platform

Internship Internship "Solutions and services electrical vehicles" - February 2015

Schneider Electric Meylan (38) - France

Observation internship

Volunteering Web developer PHP - 2015 - 2016

Grenoble (38) - France

Creation and maintenance of a website for the newspaper of a French high school (Lycée Stendhal)

Volunteering 404Production - Since september 2017

Grenoble (38) - France

Creation and maintenance of the website for the association 404Production, and part of the organization team for several events (such as music festivals).

Internship Web developer - April to June 2018

Institut Laue Langevin (38) - France

Migration of an existing application to the latest version of the PHP framework Symfony and addition of functionalities.

Part-time « Development of application software to use for web service » in Javascript/React - From December 2018 to March 2019

Schneider Electric Japan Holdings Osaka - Japan

Development of applications in React JS, and multiple sideproject missions.


  • 2019/11 : TOEFL iBT, obtained with a score of 103 out of 120
  • 2017/12 : TOEFL iBT, obtained with a score of 88 out of 120
  • 2016/05 : French Driving License
  • 2015/10 : Course certificate on Openclassrooms - "Launch your own website" - See the certification (in french)

My portfolio

My projects

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A simple and efficient blog platform. This source code is depreciated since november 2016.

View the code
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A small soft using the random.cat API which displays a random cat picture at each opening.

View the code
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Atelier de lily

Update and improvement of a old website for a drawing workshop based on Grenoble, France.

Go to the website (FR language)
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Essay - The reasons of European and American fascination of Japanese Art since the late 1880s

A short essay redacted around May-June 2019 about Japanese Popular Culture,
especially about the reasons of European and American fascination of Japanese art since the late 1880s.

Read the essay
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Data analysis with the french TER statistics database

This is a simple data analysis project conducted in 2019 when I was in Kyoto University.
I decided to focus on the French regional trains statistics that are provided by the SNCF open data division.
The notebook offers several graphs about delayed and cancelled trains, the correlation of those numbers, and some prediction that trys to roughly estimate a number of delayed trains from the number of trains that are running in one month.

View the code

View the latest report (2020/02)
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Object finder

A non-trivial data analysis project conducted for a seminar taken back when I was studying at Kyoto University in 2019.
It is able to extract the most frequent colors found in provided batches of images, and to detect objects on those images (depending on the models provided).
It has been used to detect faces on drawings (but it can be inproved with more data parsing).

View the code

Projects that I've helped

Source code available

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RSS Feed

A RSS feed aggregator made during a PHP practical session for my computer science curriculum in collaboration with Habib Slim.

View the code
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FTP Server

A small, simple FTP-like server written in C for a systems and network practical assignment.
Created in collaboration with Edouard Bernard.

View the code

Source code not available

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The 404Prod association's website.

Go to the website (FR language)
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A project built in collaboration with Jarno Baeijs, Emile Calixte, Guillaume Raimundo, Léandre Salamani, Jules Sang and Adam Selvaggio for the third semester of our computer science curriculum.
A public instance in French is available.

Go to the website (FR language)
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La gaufre and Azul

This is a final project for the last year of the undergraduate cursus in computer science.
We reproduced two board games in Java (using Swing for the HMI), provided with several AIs of various difficulties.
The members of the development team were myself, Luc Bernard, Edouard Bernard, Mélina Debono, Loris Dubois and Louis Gourinchas.

Let's get in touch !

Mail address:vincent.aubriot (at) editionsdubureau.ovh